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Smart Healthcare begins with You

Computer Programming
Computer with Graph
Smart Watch

Genomics and

Bio Informatics

Comprehensive reports based on Genetic sequencing done using state-of-the-art labs and delivered to your mobile. AyurGene and Specialist consulting using omnichannels

Emerging Technologies

Full Stack solutions to solve your business requirements. Digital transformation using AI, ML, RPA, Cybersecurity and Blockchain for a future ready and scalable organization

Dashboard and Analytics

From Chaos to effective decision making and efficient execution of business processes using Dashboard and Analytics solution.

Smart Devices

Non-invasive Smart devices to monitor and improve your health on the go. Smart healthcare begins with you and not through medicine doses. Stay alive through guided nutrition, fitness goals and virtual AyurGene

What makes us Unique ?

Just as you are unique, we are a collective of experienced, creative and innovative professionals focusing on bringing the technologies within your reach without the jargon or premium pricing.

How it Works

Connect with us

Glad to engage in a 1 hour consulting session to understand and guide you on solutions we can offer

Prelim Assessment

We'll provide a preliminary assessment report to help you make right decision on solutions you can adopt


Digital Transformation or simply streamlining business processes; We offer consulting aligned with a vision and roadmap

Transformation with Compassion

Atmagene Journeys

“Corporate Wellness through Atmagene programs has helped significantly improve productivity, creativity and targets”

Jackie, 27

AtmaGene Technovations

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