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Mind, Body and Soul

Future is Now and Here

The AtmaGene Vision is to be a leading Smart Healthcare leveraging emerging technologies to create transformational value for its customers in various sectors across the globe

Atmagene Technovations provides Smart Healthcare using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) to customers in India and abroad

  • AI Powered Genomics - Know your AtmaGene using non-invasive genetic testing in state-of-the-art labs

  • Digital Health Solutions and Smart Wearables for continuous health improvement

  • Technovation in Collaboration and Partnership focused on Smart Healthcare Transformation


Explore Atmagene - Your Transformation Journey 

Star Formation
Star Formation
Meditation by the Sea
Fresh Produce

Know Your Genome, Its your birthright

The Cosmos of Genes is within you. We provide DNA testing complimented by consultation for your journey towards transformation. AtmaGene caters to Clinical Genomics, Pharmacogenomics, Integrated Wellness and Smart Diagnostics

AtmaGene is the Cosmos within You

What is within you brings out the best in you if one learns to respect the inherited genes and compliments it with AtmaGene wellness programs through an integrated program for individuals, families, communities and corporate

Holistic Nutrition based on your DNA

Do you know why some people can consume as much cheese, meats or beverages and not gain weight? But does that make such people less vulnerable to the onset of lifestyle and age related illnesses?

Your AtmaGene report will help you adopt a healthier and holistic diet improving your immunity, vitality and strength

Peak Performance for Stress free Lifestyle

Did you know that you can achieve peak performance through stress free lifestyle, core fitness training and wellness coaching based on your DNA? AtmaGene Specialists are there to assist Sports persons and athletes, as well as C-Level Executives across Corporate, e-Gov and Public Sector

How it Works

How It Works

AtmaGene provides you with a kit delivered at your doorstep. Follow the instructions and the kit is collected for DNA testing based on your package. AtmaGene has tie up with state-of-the-art labs in India and overseas to carry out Genetic Testing and provide comprehensive consultation, guidance and mentoring based on the health and wellness conditions.

Start a Chat

Wish to know more on how you can kick start your Transformation journey? Chat with AtmaGene - not just another AI bot

Choose a Plan

Customized to suit your budget and goals - Individual, Family and Corporate

Book a Session

AtmaGene Counselling will offer you the guidance and mentoring for holistic nutrition, preventive care, personalized medcure, mindfulness and peak performance

Transformation with Compassion

Atmagene Journeys

“Corporate Wellness through Atmagene programs has helped significantly improve productivity, creativity and targets”

Jackie, 27


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